Black Mic Mac Festival


The Black Mic Mac Festival, presented by PJICI Inc., is a celebration of Canada’s multiculturalism on Canadian Multiculturalism Day, and it aligns perfectly with the organization’s mandate of promoting employment assistance and social well-being for new immigrants, youth, and refugees in Manitoba.

The festival provides a platform for young emerging artists from diverse backgrounds to showcase their cultural expressions, with the aim of breaking down barriers and promoting inclusion in the community. It also offers an opportunity for these artists to gain visibility, recognition, and a sense of pride in their Canadian identity.

In collaboration with local businesses and partner organizations, PJICI has developed a program that not only supports and promotes these young artists but also contributes to the local economy. Through the festival, PJICI aims to celebrate Canada’s multiculturalism, promote diversity, and foster a sense of belonging to a more inclusive nation.

The festival’s objectives go beyond celebrating Canada’s diversity. It also aims to promote the development of the world music market in Canada and internationally, support the career development of artists from diverse backgrounds, and build the self-esteem and sense of belonging of the Canadian diversity. Through its activities, the festival also promotes intercultural dialogue and communication between artists and the public.

Overall, the Black Mic Mac Festival is not just a celebration of cultural diversity but also a platform for promoting social and economic development, fostering inclusion, and building bridges between communities. By attending the festival, you are not only supporting emerging artists but also contributing to the development of a more inclusive and diverse Canada.