Youth Integration

At Programme Jeunesse Ici Corp (PJICI), we understand that youth integration is key to the success of new immigrants and refugees in Manitoba. We believe that young people have a unique perspective and valuable contributions to make to our communities. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to support and encourage their integration into Canadian society.

Our youth integration programs are designed to help young people build the skills, knowledge, and cultural familiarity they need to thrive in Manitoba. We offer a range of services, including job search support, mentorship, language training, and cultural activities. By connecting young people with resources and opportunities, we help them overcome barriers to employment and achieve their full potential.

At PJICI, we believe that bilingualism is a valuable asset for young people in Manitoba. Our programs emphasize the importance of language skills in the job market, and we provide opportunities for young people to develop their language abilities. By promoting bilingualism, we aim to enhance the employment prospects and social integration of young newcomers.

We also recognize that youth integration is closely tied to education. That’s why we offer support for academic success, including tutoring and mentoring programs. We believe that education is a key tool for empowering young people and preparing them for a bright future in Canada.

Finally, we recognize the important role that young people can play in crime prevention. By providing positive opportunities and role models, we aim to reduce the risk of young people becoming involved in criminal activity. Our youth integration programs help young people build strong relationships with their communities and develop a sense of belonging and purpose.

At PJICI, we’re committed to supporting the youth of Manitoba as they navigate the challenges of integrating into a new society. Through our programs in youth integration, we’re helping to build a brighter future for all members of our community.