Struggle against poverty

Struggling against poverty is one of the core sectors that Programme Jeunesse Ici Corp (PJICI) focuses on. We recognize that poverty can have a devastating impact on individuals and communities, and it is often linked to other issues such as unemployment, lack of education, and social exclusion.

At PJICI, we believe that everyone should have access to basic needs such as food, shelter, and clothing. We work to provide resources and support to those who are struggling to meet their basic needs, including new immigrants, youth, and refugees who may be facing additional barriers to accessing services.

Through our programs and initiatives, we aim to help individuals and families break the cycle of poverty and achieve greater financial stability. This includes providing job readiness training, employment assistance, and mentoring programs to help participants gain the skills and experience they need to secure steady employment.

In addition, we collaborate with other community organizations to provide support services such as affordable housing, access to healthcare, and financial counseling. By working together, we can create a stronger, more resilient community that is better equipped to tackle the challenges of poverty.

We understand that poverty is a complex issue that requires a multi-faceted approach. That’s why we also focus on education and crime prevention as part of our overall strategy to help individuals and communities thrive. We believe that by addressing the root causes of poverty, we can create a brighter future for everyone.